What We Do

The Charity's objective is to bring wider understanding of disability to employers, the benefits of employing or working alongside those with a disability and their role as responsible employers. The Charity provides a safe, empathic environment where people may learn about work in preparation for a wider role. The benefit of this is a safe, secure and friendly environment where people are able to make mistakes, but learn and grow from them, thereby gain confidence and the experience to take with them, either into the workplace or at home, living in the community.

We offer job coaching to encourage and to increase motivation and provide tailored support to find, secure and retain jobs for people with disabilities, who have complex barriers to finding and keeping work. We provide support and the opportunity for people to progress to unsupported employment, when this is the right option for the individual; long-term support continues to be available to those who need it.

In addition to working with the individual, we also include the person's support network in all decisions, providing the person gives us the authority; this might include parents, carers, social workers and or other government agencies. Our aim is always to deliver a person-centred approach, thereby creating a comfortable, non-judgmental environment which encourages the person to discover their own aptitude and skills. The indirect benefit of the role Ways & Means plays in the community is to raise awareness and to keep the capabilities and abilities of adults with disability to the forefront of employers' attentions.

Adults who attend our service will benefit from meaningful daytime activity in a safe, stable environment where they will benefit from socialisation with fellow trainees and work colleagues, while learning work based skills.

Referrals to attend Ways and Means can be made by anyone; individuals themselves, social teams, councils, family, or friends. In the past most of our new referrals were funded by local councils, but now Government funding has changed, more of our adults are funding their placement using their personal budgets, however the placement may also be funded by family, or sponsorships from anyone.

We offer work based training in all the areas listed below:

Potential new attendees are invited to come along for a visit to have a look round, meet and talk to other adults here, to see if they would like to join us.

Prices for Service Users 2011

Full Day                    £42.45

Half Day                    £21.50

Benefits for the Service Users

Attendance Allowance        £1.50 - £3.00 per day

(which is under the therapeutic £20 per week disregard allowance)

There is a canteen facility on our Caversham site, which is heavily subsidised, i.e., £1.40 for a hot meal and 50p for a pudding. Excellent value!

We are dedicated to helping those with employment needs live a fulfilled working life.

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