Welcome to Ways & Means

A Charity helping adults with learning or  physical disabilities, or poor mental health. We provide social and practical skills for independent living, and training, education and work experience to assist adults working towards open employment.

We have 2 sites - in Rotherfield Peppard

One site is home to a warehouse, canteen , Busy Bees club

and own brand products

The other site is our office & plant nursery.

      warehouse trainees                                 Greenshoots

Sorry if our page isn't quite up-to-date - it will be soon!
Please check out our Facebook page for recent updates 


 MAKE A DONATION TO THE CHARITY WHEN BUYING GOODS ONLINE BY JOINING EASYFUNDRAISING.ORG.UK - all you need to do is create an account and choose us as the beneficiary - IT COSTS NOTHING TO JOIN!

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